Sunday, October 2, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And I have a story of three mothers my age nearby who discovered they had breast cancer and started their fight against this disease. Well, when I read about the October event to raise awareness through yarnbombing, of course, I wanted to participate.

After I finally managed to knit 2 pairs of boobies I also made some special BCA tags. This Saturday October 1st I set my alarm and went out early in the morning to yarn boob these benches. They look a bit lumpy in the picture, but I was satisfied with the result.

O yeah, I managed to make a short video before installing them:

Status: one pair was gone after a couple of hours, the other pair status unknown.

A knitting beginners mistake

 Ok, so I just wanted to share how big of a dunce I felt when having trouble with the knitted boobies pattern on the posterous site. I also participated in the globaltitknit by knitting some boobies, but it took me a while (actually three tries!) before I finally realized that "(k1, kfb) to end of row" means repeat the stuff in parentheses and not just k1 and then kfb to end of row. If you do so, like I did, you'll end up with the cauliflower like thingy on the right. Good for a sponge bath flower or something else...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

At the beach

Me and my family was taking up some final sun rays of summer at the lake. We left quite late and not too many peoples around. Ideal for leaving this crochet flower.
Had to lie a wee bit to my kids, saying I was going to wash off my feet while they headed up to the car parking.
After this day it has been raining a lot, so maybe the flower has grown. Who knows, maybe it was taken down right away. I have no idea, I won't be passing by in the near future to check it out.

Status: unknown

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dancing shoes

This dancing couple was missing something...

So I thought, if the shoes fit, why don´t I just try them on:
Luckily they fit, I had made some measurements (with my daughter´s hand) some days before and what-da-ya-know, my ´calculations´ were correct.
Here the complete picture of the dancing couple with shoes on:

Status: dependable source has said that they are still hanging, no reactions yet however...

Hotel de Ville

Sitting in front of my tent (come rain or shine) in France I did some knitting and some crocheting. Of course I had to leave something behind. Wasn´t much, but I was glad I did it. It was in front of the Hotel de Ville in Gerardmer. Anybody seen it?

Status: no idea

The Giraffe

This was my entry to the Giraffe contest set up by Francis from the new shop KnottenWol. I entered with an illusion knit giraffe scarf. It was quite a lot of work (lots of counting). The pattern can be found on ravelry.
Today was the official opening of the store and although I didn´t win the contest, my scarf is covering the entire left front leg of the giraffe. I am very honored!!
Here the leg up close.
Status: the giraffe will be put in the shop´s window, so I hope the leg will be covered by my scarf forever!!

Yarnbombing at midnight

This must be the worst picture ever, but I was returning home from a Jazz festival when I dropped these two yarnbombings. This was way back in June. Haven't updated my blog in a long time.
Next day the one on the pole was gone and the little guy on the bench, I don't know if it was there. There was a fat guy sitting on the bench, I did not have the guts to ask him to move over.

Status: all gone within the week.