Monday, May 30, 2011

Tots units fem força!

So Barça won the Champions League last night and I am a fan. So I thought it would be fun to do a yarnbombing keeping with this theme.

I placed it at the local playground where they do lots and lots of soccer playing. Let's hope somebody notices and smiles. Haven't been very successful in this neighborhood, so please leave it hanging for a while!

Here's a picture with daylight:

status: taken down after 1,5 weeks

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Andalucia, finally

Well, I finally got all my pics from my Spain holiday on one computer. Did I tell you I went to spain for 2 weeks and I left my iPhone at home! What a hassle. Luckily we had other picture taking devices with us, but it took me a while to get everything off them and on one computer.
And before posting my pics of tonight's yarnbombing activities, I must post these pics first...

I did tag all my work, but have not seen any reactions on my twitter. So maybe they were all taken down immediately, or maybe in Spain they haven't gotten used to the idea of knit grafitti. Who knows? I had fun and I hope I made some people smile by seeing something out of the ordinary at all these lovely places.

First stop was Nerja, lovely place. You'll have fun visiting the impressive Nerja Caves. This is what I left behind on the fence of our glorious apartment.

I really love all the flowers in Andalucia, especially in May time. I got very inspired to leave some more crochet flowers.

In Seville not actually a yarnbombing. My son had his 7th birthday there and we forgot to take along birthday garlands. So I just crocheted a nice flower birthday garland. He was very happy and I left it hanging for the owners to enjoy.

Then off to Cordoba. I love flowers and what do you know, they had the flower festival at the time we were there. A great big parade with lovely flamenco ladies throwing carnations at us and we were expected to throw them back at them. It was loads of fun for the kids as well. Google Cruces de Mayo and you will find lovely pics of red flower covered crosses, a bit of flower grafitti if you may. In Cordoba they also have the public bike plan Ciclocity. I left a flower on one of the bikes.

Finally made it to Granada and the Alhambra. Aaay, what beauty. It was a bit challenging leaving something behind with all the tourists blocking your way. But with a little help from my hubby (who is totally aware of my doings by now), I managed to leave some flowers behind.

(Hey, that's me on the left. Very bright pink jacket, not very inconspicuous....)
I did not bring a long any scissors as I did not know how strict security would be, so the end result was a bit sloppy, I apologize.

Here I leave you with some last foto's of beautiful Alhambra on the background.

And Granada in the distance.

status: unknown