Friday, April 22, 2011

Tweep, tweep, little birdie

This little crochet birdie was put up in broad daylight at the Royal Library in The Hague. It took me quite some time to get sewn onto the pole, lots and lots of people passing by. But I did it and was very proud of the result. The week after I even had to passers by twittering about their find. Sooo cool!
I passed there today again, unfortunately the birdie has flown off...

This is still one of my favourite yarnbombs (as if I have so many to choose from). I submitted it to and it was placed under 'Gespot':
And I just discovered that my crochet flowers can be found there as well:

status: birdie taken away after 1,5 weeks; base still hanging

1 comment:

  1. This bird is the best! So pitty it's gone. You should make more & more.