Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Happiness!

Here we have some more Easter yarnbomb placed in my town. Nice bracelets, huh?
Still haven't got any reactions on it. I placed them at night, had to make a few extra strolls to make sure no one was looking.

It took me some time to get the correct measurements for these beauties. My neighbours are probably wondering why I am so interrested in these 'paaltjes'.
Here they are all in a row:

status: probably taken down the next day

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

On my way to work this Tuesday I placed this happy bunny on a road divider. The sun was out, it was such a beautiful morning. Thursday morning it was still there and it made me smile. I hope someone else as well.

status: still there

Illusion knitting

I read an article in the newspaper about Illusion Knitting. It is way cool!
I immediately looked up some tutorials at WoollyThoughts.This was my first try at a circle. It is not very visible in the picture, but I did like the end result myself. I placed this one in the town center on the church's fence. Two days ago it was still hanging. Will have a look tomorrow during the farmer's market if it is still there. Haven't had any reactions on this one. People just don't understand what it is, I hope it does make someone smile though.

status: taken down after 2 weeks

Tweep, tweep, little birdie

This little crochet birdie was put up in broad daylight at the Royal Library in The Hague. It took me quite some time to get sewn onto the pole, lots and lots of people passing by. But I did it and was very proud of the result. The week after I even had to passers by twittering about their find. Sooo cool!
I passed there today again, unfortunately the birdie has flown off...

This is still one of my favourite yarnbombs (as if I have so many to choose from). I submitted it to and it was placed under 'Gespot':
And I just discovered that my crochet flowers can be found there as well:

status: birdie taken away after 1,5 weeks; base still hanging

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crochet flowers on a stick

For my third project I decided to make some flowers on a stick. I really enjoy crocheting more than knitting. Maybe I just need to practice my knitting skills more to enjoy. I planted these in along side the road I pass through every day to work (on bicycle). I wonder if anyone has noticed them and discovered that they are made out of yarn...

status: taken away after 2 weeks

Second yarnbomb still hanging

This was my second yarnbomb. Put it up in the evening, it wasn't quite dark yet, so I could take some pictures. I made a flower crocheted garland. Very easy and fast to make! After 2 weeks, it is still hanging, yay!!

status: taken down after almost 2 months

First yarnbomb taken down...

So this was my first yarnbombing project. It was put up at night and the next morning it was already taken down. It was laying on top of the pole I put it on. My kids and I (on bicycle) pass by there every morning on our way to school. My eldest looked at the piece in wonder. I, of course, had to pretend not to know what it was. Unfortunately there wasn't time to take any pictures. The next day it was all gone, except one strand...

status: did not last for one day