Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Avond 4 daagse

Avond 4 daagse means "4 days of evenings a walking". This is something we do with the kids every year. They walk (run/skip/whine) 5 km (sometimes less, sometimes more) every evening and on the 4th day they all receive a well deserved medal.
Well, this Monday was the start and I made a piece to hang on a pole which was on the first route. Luckily it is also on the route to work, so I could sew it on Monday evening before the start. On it I embroidered the text AVOND 4 DAAGSE and the initials of the school.

I don't think anybody noticed however, but I sure had fun making it.

Like I said, I pass by there every day to and from work and I am always happy to see it is still there.

status: gone after 2 days

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