Monday, June 13, 2011

Yarnbombing in Serbia

I was away on a short trip to Serbia this weekend and it coincided with International Yarnbombing Day. Well, of course, I had to do some preparations so I could leave something in the city I was visiting.

My little green friend over here went with me in my suitcase and I made a special tag for June 11th.
I was traveling with a group of 6 girlfriends and it was hard finding an excuse for some needed alone time, but I managed and planted my green pal on a big statue. Wasn't quite at ease because I don't know if they appreciate this yarn art, but I didn't see any police men around so I just did it.

He looks very happy and my tag said that if you should take him with you to let me know and send some pics. The next day we passed the statue during a walking tour and he was already gone, snif...Unfortunately haven't heard anything about his whereabouts. Please let me know if you have seen him!

I was so upset and luckily I found a lost crochet flower in the pocket of my jacket so I tied it to a bush in front of our hotel.

It made me feel better and this morning when we left the hotel it was still there, yay!

status: green fellow didn't last more than a day; flower still there (I hope).

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