Saturday, June 4, 2011


Meaning: "street play day". This is the day where the street is blocked for cars and kids are able to play freely on the street for 3 hours. It is a big thing in our neighborhood and I thought I might just yarn things up a bit by placing this one.

It is not very clear by the pictures, but I sewed on the letters "STRAAT SPEEL DAG 2011". I intended to put it on a black pole, but my work wasn't the right fit, arggh. Luckily this pole was waiting for me beside it, only problem was the waste basket hanging along side. I, of course, had to sew it on in the dark, which was quite a hassle.
(Pictures of the dark will follow, can't seem to find my camera at this time).

I don't know how all you fellow yarnbombers do it, but for me it is still very stressful sewing on a piece in the dark. People passing by with their dogs. Nobody seems to wonder what I am doing, or maybe, they are just afraid to ask. 

During the day people did actually notice this yarn thingy hanging in the pole. Hope it made them smile and wonder who took the time to knit it and sew it on.

status: after 1,5 months I took it down myself because it was getting too ugly. Here are the pictures:

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